PAR4® Kelp Meal (1-0-2)

PAR4® Kelp Meal (ascophyllum nodosum) is sourced from sustainably harvested seaweed and marine algae.  It is an organic plant nutrient that provides natural Nitrogen and Potassium.  The product feeds beneficial soil microbes and contributes to organic matter content in soils and soil mixes.  What results is improved soil structure and reduced plant stress.  PAR4® kelp meal is easy to apply by incorporating into the soil or soil blends, by top dressing or as an ingredient in compost or compost tea.

PAR4® Kelp Meal fertilizer is an excellent source of natural nitrogen and potassium. Kelp meal feeds beneficial soil microbes increasing their populations. Kelp meal breaks down quickly and contributes to organic matter content in soils and soil mixes. These plant nutrient benefits contribute to improved soil structure, reduced plant stress. Kelp are large seaweeds or marine algae that grow quickly along the shores. Kelp is sustainably harvested by cutting the top portion of the plant rather than removing the entire plant roots and all. Harvest is done seasonally allowing for kelp to grow back to be harvested again. Kelp meal is a truly sustainably produced product.