100% Water Soluble Potassium Humate Powder (Humic Acid)

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Humi[K] WSP (Water Soluble Powder) was designed specifically to be mixed with water to produce a liquid humic concentrate. The resulting organic solution is compatible with many liquid fertilizers and micro-nutrients, acting as a chelating agent aiding plants in the uptake and usability of nutrients essential for a crops healthy and productive life cycle.  In addition to being made into a liquid concentrate, WSP powder was also designed to be used as a fertilizer coating. 

Humi[K] WSP is derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America and arguably the World. This humic acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal rich in humic substances, similar to Leonardite (lignite coal), except it contains a higher concentration of Humic Acids and significantly lower levels of ash and heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury.


AGRONOMIC & HORTICULTURAL USES:  Apply directly to the soil in fall or early spring and as many as 4 to 6 applications per growing season.   Always conduct a soil test to determine nutrient levels and make needed amendments to assure good fertility levels in your soil.  Humi[K] WSP is an ideal supplement to your fertilizer program.  Application rates will vary depending on soil conditions, plant type, nutrient requirement and application method. Consult your local agronomist or Ag Extension Agent for more information for your specific application.

Humic Acid Content

Methods of Analysis

Humic Acid Content:
Colorimetric (A&L)...........................................95%
ISO 5073:1999 (E)........................................... 80-85%
Precipitation (CDFA).................................... 60-65%


Activated Function Groups


  • Agronomic Crops: 2 - 6 pounds per acre (maximum 10 pounds per growing season)

  • Turf: 7 - 10 pounds per acre


DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Proper timing, rate, and placement of Humi[K] is important for desired results and highly dependent on stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels and environmental conditions.


Mix 1 lb of Humi[K] WSP into 1 gallon of water to create a 12% Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate.

SHAKE WELL prior to further diluting/mixing.  When mixing with water, ­fill container half full, then add Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate to the remaining water.  When mixing with pesticides, dilute Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate with water prior to the addition of buffering agents and pesticides. DO NOT tank-mix with carbonate-based pesticides, as efficacy will decrease. Follow all directions and precautions on pesticide labels prior to mixing with Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate. Ensure adequate agitation in all situations. DO NOT mix Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate with calcium nitrate, phosphoric acid, zinc sulfate or other solutions with a pH of less than 6.0.


SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS:  1-3 gallon of Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate per acre per application, mixed with a minimum of 20 gallon mix. Split apply throughout growing season for maximized results.



  • 2,200lb/1MT (Super Sack)

  • 55lb/25kg Bags (Pallet)

  • 50lb/22kg Bags (Pallet)

  • 22lb/10kg Bags (Pallet)