Allganic® Potassium (0-0-52 + 18% Sulfur)

Allganic® Potassium provides natural Potassium Sulfate, the only source of natural potassium without chlorine, complementing Allganic® Nitrogen to achieve high quality and nutrient balanced crops.

This fertilizer complements the nutrient content of organic soil amendments. It contains 50% Potassium (K2O) and 18% Sulfur(S), both plant nutrients that enhance plant growth, yield and quality. Potassium is needed to produce fruits and vegetables that are more tasty, colorful and healthy, with longer shelf life. Sulfur and a natural balance of micro elements as much as its amount are essential to produce more nutritious food with high quality proteins. Allganic® Potassium is available in granular form for soil applications and in crystalline form to be applied in solutions. Both forms are approved by NOP and certified by OMRI for use in organic farming.