AllganicĀ® Nitrogen Plus (15-0-2)

Sodium Nitrate is accepted as an Input for Use in Organic Crop Production

Natural Sodium Nitrate, a.k.a. Chilean Nitrate- OMRI listed (15-0-2) is available in a dry, flowable prill form that is also 100% water-soluble. This product is sustainably derived from natural rock deposits found in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The best practice as a grower is to soil test, and know nutrient levels within your fields. Consult your certifying agent in regards to rate and timing of application.

Keep in mind that sodium nitrate should be used as an integral part of an overall nitrogen strategy, supplementing other nutrient sources such as manure, compost, cover crops, crop rotations, etc.. Under these circumstances, for fruit and vegetable crops, feed every 10-14 days, liquid or dry. These nutrient applications are much more efficient when split into multiple applications at low rates. For field crops, using sodium nitrate in a 2 x 2 application at planting, and following up with foliar and /or side dressing applications (liquid or dry) will help maximize your production.