"Success Starts in The Soil"

Nebraska Humic Company is approaching row crop agriculture in a new direction. We are bringing sustainable agriculture to the Great Plains with complete lines of Organic Fertilizers, and Organic Biostimulants. We only offer the highest quality products, manufactured right here in the US using only the finest quality raw materials. "Lets give back to the soil that has given us so much"

We are your ONE STOP FERTILITY SHOP, whether you're Organic or Conventional.



The Hefty Brothers of AgPhd talk about Humic and Fulvic on this weeks Podcast

New Study Shows Organic Farming Traps Carbon in Soil to Combat Climate Change


A new study from Northeastern University and nonprofit research organization The Organic Center (TOC), though, has reached a conclusion: Soils from organic farms had 26 percent more potential for long-term carbon storage than........



Higher yields, start with Humic Acid


Agricultural producers worldwide are seeking to reduce dependency on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Humi[k] products are produced with a proprietary wet chemistry process, allowing faster uptake and immediate effects. Activated humic acid is proven to be an efficient and economical mean to return carbon to the soil. Without the replenishment of carbon, the addition of man-made synthetic nutrients becomes ineffective. The use of humic products is thus the best path to coveted agricultural sustainability.


Featured Products

Boasting 100% solubility, this Humic Acid is derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America and arguably the World (available in powder, liquid or granule).

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The highest quality, completely organic liquid Fulvic Acid made with the finest materials available. Backed by the strictest organic processing standards in the industry: EcoCert